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Paying your bill


What is the Heat Deposit?

Our charges consist of 2 elements – a Fixed charge and a Unit Charge. The Fixed Charge pays for the upkeep of the network, including the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) that delivers heat to your apartment or property. There’s no boiler for you to buy or maintain, so it’s important that this charge is paid whether or not your property is occupied.

There’s a risk that a property left unoccupied and then sold may leave part or all of the Fixed Charge unpaid. This is why, on completion of your purchase, we take a small deposit of £100. It prevents any liability for unpaid charges being passed on.

The deposit will be immediately returned when you sell your property (assuming all charges have been paid).

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

The best way to ensure that your service remains hot at all times is to pay by Direct Debit, paid in arrears.

You pay for any heat used in a given month, this will most likely lead to higher payments in the winter than in the summer.

If you’d rather not pay by direct debit, you can top up your account and pay for any heat you use in advance, via FlexPay.

How do I set up an account?

Once we have your Residential Supply Agreement that you signed as part of your legal completion (if you are a landlord), or your move-in (if you are a tenant), we will activate your account. You are responsible for the standing charge from the date of completion.

Can I top up over the phone?

Our billing team are open to take top ups via card payment over the phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm. Our number is 0800 160 1635. We also provide a range of top up payment options including our Online Portal, Ping-it, PayZone and Bank transfer.

Can I top up using cash?

We will provide you with a Heat ID card. This will include a unique number that you use to top up your account. Should you run out of credit at any time we will add £5 emergency credit to your account, after which service will be suspended until you have brought your account back in credit. Any emergency credit used will be taken from your next top up payment.

How much does my heat cost and how is the heat price determined?


Loka supplies heat based on two charges only: a Standing Charge (98p/day inc. VAT) and a Unit Charge (7.25p per kilowatt hour (kWh) inc. VAT) - prices as of September 2019. Based on these charges, an average home using around 3,000 kWh of heat per year will pay a total annual heat bill of £575.

What is the standing/fixed charge?

The standing charge (98p per day) is there to cover servicing, maintenance, replacement, emergency call-out, metering and billing. You pay this in addition to the unit charge, which is for consumption.

Can I see a record of my heat consumption?

We can produce a record of your consumption on demand.

Will you send me a bill?

We can send you a statement on request if you are on a pre-payment tariff. If you pay by direct debit in arrears, we will send you a monthly bill.

I want to dispute my charges - what should I do?

Click here to lodge your complaint online and our team will be in contact to follow up with you. You can request a copy of our complaints policy by emailing or calling our customer service team.

I have lost by Heat ID card. What should I do?

Please call 0800 160 1635 to arrange a replacement. We will replace one card free of charge, but subsequent replacements will incur a £5 charge.