Price Change - 2019

We have completed the annual price review and presented it to the Governance Committee for approval. On the 1st of September 2019 there will be a price change in line with the heat supply agreement. The changes are explained below;

Old Tariff: 1st August 2018 to 31st of August 2019

Usage Charge 7p/kWh / Standing Charge 0.96p/day

New Tariff: From 1st September 2019

Usage Charge 7.25p/kWh / Standing Charge 0.98p/day

(Please note the prices quoted above include VAT at 5%)

We have calculated that these new charges will cost our residents an additional £2.75 per month (assuming the average usage rate of 3000kWh/year).

This price increase is in line with the Annual Price Review mechanism, which is detailed in Section 6 of Schedule One (page 21) of your Residential Supply Agreement. If you require, a copy of your Residential Supply Agreement simply let our team know and we will send you a copy by email or post. You can also find a copy of the latest version of the Residential Heat Supply Agreement here.

Usage Charge: Your usage charge is for the units of heat energy that you use. This is measured and recorded by the heat meter in your apartment and sent directly to our billing system via the automated meter reading system that has been installed in your development. You can directly influence your usage charges by monitoring and reducing the heat and hot water consumption in your home. For impartial advice on how to reduce your energy consumption we recommend you visit the Energy Savings Trust website here

Standing Charge: Your standing charge is a daily fee that covers a variety of ongoing operational and maintenance costs associated with your district heating network, including the customer services and metering and billing system.

Elyse Zaccai